Address by the Hon'ble President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu on the Occasion of Call on by State Civil Services Officers Attending the 124 Th Induction Training Programme at Lbsnaa

Rashtrapati Bhavan : 13.03.2023
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Dear officers,

I congratulate you all for your promotion and induction into Indian Administrative Services. As IAS officers, you will be serving the people with higher responsibility and authority. You need to have a national perspective for effective performance of your responsibilities.

I am told that the training being given to you will help you develop broader prospective and equip you with the knowledge of updated and new policies and programmes. It is expected to strengthen the skills that are vital for effective performance in administration. I am happy to know that this group represents a large number of States and Union Territories. I have been told that women form one fifth of the group. I expect that women’s representation in the service shall increase in the future. I am sure that the ideas and knowledge of your States and Union Territories that you exchange during this training will make you better aware about the diverse culture of the country.

Dear officers,

Almost all of you have served for over 20 years in the state governments in different capacities. In these years you must have faced many challenges and would have taken tough decisions. I would like to urge you to always work with the spirit of Nation First and People First. In your career as IAS officers, you should adhere to the principles of integrity, transparency, commitment and I must add, promptness. You must have heard and read about all these values numerous times but putting them into practice is what really matters. With use of technology, quicker and more efficient service delivery and prompt administrative actions are possible now-a-days.

We have seen that latest technologies have been adopted by people everywhere. However, often the officers face problems in learning new technologies and using latest features on mobile phones also. I would like to say that the blockade is only in the mind. Open your mind to new thoughts and processes. Don’t hesitate to learn new technologies and techniques. You should take help from the younger people and equip yourself with latest knowledge and advanced technologies.

Dear officers

There is another major mindset issue that I would like to highlight here. On many occasions it is seen that there is a tendency to maintain status quo. Either it is simple inertia or it is the indifference towards emerging problems of people arising out of ever-changing scenario around us. Civil servants should move ahead with the mindset of ‘change for better’.

The country needs civil servants who are innovative, proactive and polite, professional, progressive, energetic, transparent, tech-enabled and constructive. ‘Mission Karmayogi’ aims to develop such civil servants. Administrative leaders embodying these leadership styles and values will be better placed to serve the nation and citizens.

I am told that some modules in your training programme are aimed at honing your behavioral dimensions, Also there are inputs on AI and data analytics and financial management, and budgeting. These inputs will enable you to work effectively in various domains. Along with adoption of latest technologies, you should always remember to adopt a humane approach in your functioning. You should act as a facilitator for the common man.

Dear officers

The country has entered ‘Amrit Kaal’ and is moving ahead at all fronts. In this journey of development, your contribution is very significant. If all public servants like you are determined to make lives of citizens better and take decisions for the benefit and well being of the people, the country will definitely reach new heights of glory. 
I convey my best wishes for your bright future.

Thank you! 
Jai Hind! 
Jai Bharat!

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