Address by the Hon'ble President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu on the Occasion of Call on by the Indian Civil Accounts Service Officers

Rashtrapati Bhavan : 25.04.2023
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Dear officers of Indian Civil Accounts Service

First of all, I would like to congratulate you all for joining prestigious Indian Civil Accounts Service. You will be playing an instrumental role in the financial administration of the country. Civil Servants are expected to maintain highest standards of ethics and proficiency. As young Civil Servants you are expected to strive for excellence in public governance and uphold the values enshrined in the Constitution.

In Indian history, we find records and books which tell us that accounting and financial management was practised by our ancestors. Chanakya, in his book Arthashastra, gave broad details of principles and methodology of accounting. He also highlighted the role of ethics in containing the wrong practices in accounting.

Indian Civil Accounts Service has ensured that accounting processes and accounting reports become a tool for ensuring financial accountability in the Government and bringing transparency in public administration. A sound system of Public Financial Management helps in promoting equitable and inclusive development in a country. As key drivers of Public Financial Management in the country you would be expected to design, develop and implement systems which become a model in the international arena too.

Dear officers

Fiscal and financial reports brought out by the Controller General of Accounts become a base for informed decision making by the executive and help in better financial planning and management of resources.

Automation and use of technology have changed the paradigm of governance in the country. We have seen rapid enhancement in the use of technology in governance systems. I am happy to know that Controller General of Accounts has taken many new initiatives leveraging technology in rolling out systems which have helped in reaching out to the citizens of the country. The initiatives have helped in improving cash and debt management in the country and have helped in achievement of fiscal objectives of the Government.

Direct Benefit Transfers to the citizens in the country have also led to substantial improvement in the financial administration of the country and helped reduce pilferage. Controller General of Accounts has provided base for this system which has helped in improving the outcomes of various schemes of the Government. The payment and receipt systems in the government have become online and digitized to a great extent. This has helped in faster and more efficient governance systems.

Digitisation and online service delivery has to a great extent increased transparency and accountability in public administration. With the advent of new accounting softwares and cloud storage technologies, there is greater scope for accounting processes to become more seamless and accurate.

Dear young officers

I am happy to see that you all belong to diverse regions of the country and have diverse educational backgrounds. Many of you have worked in other sectors too before joining the service. You must have exchanged ideas and thoughts during your training and would have enriched yourselves with experiences of others also. I am confident that the friendships made during this training period will also help you in managing future challenges in your personal and professional life in a much better way.

You all must have got a fair idea and knowledge about what you are expected to do and achieve in your domain. However, I would like to say that the process is important but so is the purpose. Whichever organisation or department you are posted in, be aware of the purpose of your job. In following the process, the purpose should not get lost.

Dear officers

I would encourage all of you to work towards continuous upgradation of skills in managing public finance in the country. I urge you to work with the aim of public well-being and inclusive development of the country.

I wish all the officers a very bright future.

Thank you! 
Jai Hind!

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