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Rashtrapati Bhavan : 25.01.2020

1. Mr. President, it is an honour for me to receive you and your delegation on your first State Visit to India. Sejam bem-vindos à India! Our people eagerly await your august presence at the Republic Day celebrations tomorrow, to rejoice in their national progress and pride, and to mark a new chapter in our longstanding relationship.

2. We are close friends and strong partners. Our frequent interactions at the highest levels have deepened our bonds. The visit of our Prime Minister to Brazil in November 2019, followed by your Excellency’s visit demonstrates our mutual commitment towards each other.

3. The mutual embrace of Brazil and India runs deep. We share age-old ties. Maritime chronicles are replete with stories of our cross-cultural exchanges, of our flora and fauna travelling distances to new tropical lands. Those were the times of mariner’s compass and navigational charts, but we were already engaging each other.

4. On that strong historical foundation, Mr. President, we have established a multi-faceted partnership, one that would inspire many. Our shared perspectives have brought us together as Strategic Partners. We are committed to build an international order that is reflective of new global realities; we are committed to strengthen multilateralism for global peace and stability; and we are committed to fight terrorism for a secure and safe world for our peoples. From BRICSto bilateral platforms, we have a forward looking agenda. Even as we address the inequities of the past, we must craft a sustainable world for our future generations. We seek your support to power and propel the International Solar Alliance.

Mr. President,

5. Our economic partnership is on a growth curve. Our businesses are exploring new frontiers. Bio-energy and cattle genomicsare the new buzzwords driving our Start-ups. Trade and Investment corridors and digital pathways are adding speed to our collaborations. We are delighted that we have signed several new agreements to make them stronger.

Mr. President,

6. Our people are the pivot of our ties. From the bicycle kick of Peleto the skills of Neymar, Brazil is the team that is closest to our heart. Your football excites us and your Samba uplifts us. With each passing day, there is bit more of India in Brazil and a bit more of Brazil in India. Yoga and Ayurveda are bringing our people closer, and Bollywood and Bossanova, making our celebrations richer. We cannot ask for more.

Mr. President,

7. Today is a special day for our two countries, and we want to celebrate it with warmth and passion. The parapet of this Bhavan is awash with your colours and its corridors hummingwith your music. That is what befits a partnership so colourful, so vibrant as that between Brazil and India. May our friendship grow forever! I wish you, Mr. President, and your people peace, progress and prosperity.

Viva a amizade entre India e o Brazil!

Thank you! Muito Obrigado!

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