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Amrit Udyan

The Circular (Sunken or Butterfly) Garden

This is the westernmost portion of the garden. A jewel, a delight to behold, a terraced bowl planted with fragrant varieties like Stock, Verbena, Mignonette, with tall Dahlias planted along the periphery keenly watching,and Jasmines of all kinds tenderly leaning on to the circular enclosure.

There is a bubble fountain concealed in a pool in the centre. Soft consistent waves keep eddying outwards-transform into the static waves of colours-climb up along the curious Dahlias upto the walls and thereafter disintegrate into the oblivion- the depth of unfathomable skies whereas the fragrance returns to the bedazzled onlooker. Unsuspecting butterflies flutter incessantly. Once in a while a naughty Peacock shakes the frozen tranquility by a sharp mating call or a clumsy flight across two meditating trees.

Around the circular garden there are rooms for Office of the horticulturist,a green house,stores, nursery etc. Here only is housed the collection of Bonsais,one of the best in the country.

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