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Ashoka Hall

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Hunting Scene, Tomasso Colonnello

Hunting Scene, Tomasso Colonnello

Location: Ashoka Hall

Two identical hunting scenes are painted on either sides of the central painting of Fath Ali Shah. This composition enthrals the onlooker with its vibrant yellow background, atop which animals, birds and other motifs are represented. Taking inspiration from the characteristic Persian representation, lions hunting deers is showcased as a repeated motif, encircling the central medallion. The other animals include antelopes, bisons, and camels. While the bison is seen seated on the ground, the camels are positioned facing each other. To further heighten the dramatic appeal of this pictorial, tigers hunting deers are represented. The composition is divided into two equal halves with identical motifs repeated throughout.

Abundant display of flora and fauna with flowering creepers and chirping birds represent the skill of the artists in attributing likeness to the Persian motifs. The chrome yellow ground imparts prominence to classical Persian elements and floral motifs on the foreground. Tulips entwined with rosettes and other flowers forms an uninterrupted motif throughout this composition. Following the identical arrangement, this hunting scene is also encased within a double border with floral motifs and Persian calligraphy. The colour scheme attributes vibrant appeal, which is furthermore elaborated with delicate patterns.

The research and compilation of the E- Catalogue has been realised by Shri VenuRajamony- Press Secretary to the President of India and Ruchi Kumar- Research Associate.


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